8 Sustainable Habits to Keep

8 Sustainable Habits to Keep

Sustainability is something that we like to keep front of mind at TANAKA. No one person can do everything, nor would that solve the climate crisis even if they did, but we believe that it's important that all of us try to do as much good in the world as we are capable of. 

While we also acknowledge that the climate crisis is not the fault of individuals, but rather large corporations and governments, nor will it be solved by individuals alone without structural change, these are some things we think everyone could do to take on!

1. Ditch the plastic

Whether you start bringing reusable water bottles or coffee cups on the go, you use beeswax wraps to replace your cling film, or you switch to plastic free beauty products, the more we can ease our reliance on plastic the better.

2. Eat fewer animal products

Animal agriculture is one of the largest producers of CO2 on the planet, so the less we consume, the better. We don't recommend transitioning to a full vegan lifestyle without first consulting a doctor or nutritionist, but reducing our intake of meat and dairy even little by little can make a huge impact. Start with someone like meatless mondays, or vegetarian weekdays and see how it goes!

3. Shop second hand

Fast fashion is a huge contributor to the climate crisis. While the most sustainable option is to wear the clothes you already own, the next best thing would be to shop for clothes that have already been produced and thus are not adding to carbon emissions. That being said, do try to only shop for what you need! The increased popularity of second hand shops in recent years has made the prices increase in many areas, pricing out people who used to once rely on second-hand to get their wardrobes.

4. Walk & bike

Walking and biking is the most sustainable way to travel. It's good for you, and it doesn't produce any carbon emissions!

5. Offset your emissions

Speaking of carbon emissions - you can consider offsetting them if you're able to. I offset my emissions through my electricity provider, and it only costs me £6 a month to make sure that I'm carbon neutral.

6. Compost

Composting can be difficult depending on where you're based, but even flats in urban centres can partake by using a small collection bin on their counter! Food waste is unfortunately a huge problem, so if you're able to turn a large portion of it into soil, you're making a big impact.

7. Conserve water

One reason we love using solid bar soaps around here is that it conserves water. But there are many other ways to be water conscious as well! Being mindful of how long you shower for, making sure to turn off the tap when you wash your hands or brush your teeth, and being mindful of the tap when washing dishes are just a few ways to get started.

8. Reduce your consumption

And to finish us off, an overarching reminder to reduce how much you consume, in all areas of life. When we think about the three Rs, we often focus on the "recycle" and "reuse" portion, but it's important to remember that the first R is reduce. Reducing how many things we buy is the most sustainable thing we can do sometimes.

I hope this has helped you get inspired to be more sustainable! Especially heading into the holiday season, which is a wonderful time of year but certainly does not get a reputation for being eco-friendly most of the time. Sustainability is something we can all practice, and it's not only good for the planet, but in many cases better for you too!  

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