The Milkman - Origins Coffee Soaps

We collaborated with The Milkman, an Edinburgh-based speciality coffee shop and together we created three bars of soap, each formulated with coffee from Origin Coffee.

The three bars were carefully crafted to cater to a variety of preferences. One is fragrance-free (made from freshly brewed coffee and topped up with coconut milk) and is the ultimate all-rounder—for face, body and hands. The other two are exfoliants—the addition of extra fine coffee grinds remove dead skin cells and smooth rough patches.


For our collaboration with JUNONUNO, a lifestyle brand with an evolving collection of gorgeous goods for your home, we created three bars of soap, each formulated with cleansing and detoxifying kaolin clay. 

The three bars have been carefully crafted to cater to evoke different moods; calm, ground and refresh.

Our Lovely Goods - Cleanse Bar

We worked with  Our Lovely Goods to create a bar soap that was suitable for babies and sensitive skin, but still highly effective. Cleanse was formulated to be kind to delicate skin. Handcrafted with luxurious coconut milk instead of water, this unscented soap bar is moisturising and non drying, containing no artificial or harsh ingredients.


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